Health professionals’ guide to person-centred dementia care

Resources to help you care for people with dementia who are experiencing changed behaviours.

Health professionals’ guide to person-centred dementia care

Identifying and managing changed behaviours

Dementia Training Australia responsive behaviours quick reference cards can be used by health professionals working with people with dementia. They:

  • provide guidance on various types of changed behaviours
  • consider the triggers of behaviours and
  • give suggestions for non-pharmacological strategies to help with managing behaviours.

Dementia Support Australia’s delirium screening resource helps health professionals assess and remove sources of delirium that may be exacerbating changed behaviours.


The person-centred approach to care

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has developed The Aged Care Quality Standards storyboard showing a person-centred approach to management of changed behaviours in dementia. This has a particular focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Reviewing and tapering antipsychotic medicines

The Australian Government Department of Health ‘6 steps for safe prescribing’ resource is an infographic on best practice management of changed behaviours in people with dementia. It is for people in residential aged care, but the same steps can be applied for people with dementia who are living in the community.

Deprescribing guides for antipsychotics when used for changed behaviours and consumer information leaflets about deprescribing are available on the NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group webpage.

The Canadian deprescribing network offers an antipsychotic deprescribing algorithm which also has suggestions for management including sleep hygiene to help during the tapering process.


Resources for your patients and their families and carers

The Empowered Project provides information about choices, and legal, ethical and human rights to care in dementia, particularly the use of medicines for changed behaviours.


24-hour services for GPs and other health professionals

Service name


Telephone number

Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service

Supports staff and carers in community, residential aged care, and acute and primary care. This service can provide advice and interventions on a short-term basis.

1800 699 799

Severe Behaviour Response Teams

A mobile workforce including trained dementia care specialists, nurses, allied health and specialist professionals. This service is for people who are experiencing severe behaviours.

1800 699 799