Clinical resources and tools

Useful resources and tools focusing on anticholinergic burden and patient management

Assessing anticholinergic burden in your patients


Home medicines review


Supporting your older patients

  • The John A. Hartford Foundation The 4Ms of age-friendly care
    This 3-minute video outlines how to provide the best care possible for older people by using the 4Ms framework.
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) What is an age-friendly health system?
    This 2-minute video with Mary Tinetti, MD, Chief of Geriatrics at Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital, describes what it means to be an age-friendly health system.

Managing anticholinergic burden in your patients


Dementia with changed behaviour


Chronic non-cancer pain

Deprescribing resources

  • NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group Inc. Deprescribing tools
    These deprescribing resources have been developed by a translational research project team led by Professor Sarah Hilmer for health professionals to support deprescribing in older hospital patients.
  • Primary Health Tasmania Deprescribing resources
    These guides outline recommended deprescribing strategies for a range of commonly used medicines, where ongoing use is not appropriate. They have been revised and updated by geriatrician Dr David Dunbabin, GP Dr Amanda Lo and pharmacist Dr Peter Tenni.
  • Canadian Deprescribing Network Deprescribing algorithms
    These evidence-based guidelines for deprescribing were developed by researchers from the Bruyère Research Institute and the Ontario Pharmacy Research Collaboration. Each guideline is summarised in an easy-to-use algorithm and information brochure. These algorithms can help health professionals safely stop or reduce medicines for specific drug classes.