How a medicines review in your home can help you get the most from your medicines

Taking medicines can be complicated, especially when you’re taking multiple medicines. A medicines review in your home can help make sure your medicines are safe and working well for you.


What is a home medicines review?

A home medicines review involves you, your doctor and a specially trained pharmacist working together to help you manage your medicines. The pharmacist will visit you in your home and go through your medicines with you, or your carer. They will answer any questions and make suggestions to you and your doctor to help you get the best from your medicines.

What if I, or the person I care for, live in an aged-care home?

This is called a Residential Medication Management Review. Your doctor will need to refer you for the review and the pharmacist will visit you at your aged-care home. They will talk to you, your family, carers, or staff at your aged-care home about your medicines. The pharmacist will write a report for your doctor and healthcare team at your aged-care home with any suggestions to improve your medicine management.


How can these reviews help?

  • Personalised advice and information
  • Reassurance that your medicines are working well for you
  • Simplify your medicine routine
  • Identify and prevent medicine-related problems
  • Confidence in how you take, store and dispose of your medicines
  • Feel supported about your medicines and health
  • More time to talk and ask questions
  • Convenient and private in your own home or aged-care home, or at another location if approved

These reviews can be helpful if you (or a person you care for):

  • take multiple medicines
  • have medicines prescribed by different doctors and specialists
  • start a new medicine
  • change medicine doses
  • have recently been in hospital
  • think you may be having side effects from your medicines
  • have difficulty taking, or remembering to take, medicines
  • feel confused or worried about your medicines.

How does it work?

Talk to your doctor about a home medicines review

If your doctor agrees a home medicines review would be useful, they will send a referral either to your local community pharmacy or an independent accredited pharmacist. You choose which you think would suit you best.

Book the review

The pharmacist will call to arrange a time to meet you in your home or aged-care home. You can have a family member, friend or carer with you during the review.


Before the pharmacist visits you, make sure your medicines list is up to date, or gather together all the medicines you are taking. Remember to include any non-prescription medicines you buy from the pharmacy, supermarket or health food shop, or order online, as well as any vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies you take. Don’t forget to include any inhalers, patches, creams, and eye or ear drops.

The visit

The pharmacist will come to your home or aged-care home. They will talk to you, or your carer, about all the medicines you are taking and answer any questions you have. After the visit, the pharmacist will write a report for your doctor.

Follow up with your doctor

Make an appointment with your doctor after the pharmacist’s visit. Your doctor will discuss the report with you, or your carer, and write a plan for the management of your medicines. Any changes the doctor makes will be discussed with you or your carer. With your consent, a copy of the plan will be sent to your local community pharmacy so your pharmacy can help you with any changes to your medicines. If necessary, the pharmacist who visited you may contact you again to check on how you are managing and make up to two follow-up visits to see you.

If you do not have a current medicines list, go to and download or print one today. Or find out about the free MedicineWise app from


Frequently asked questions

  • Is a home medicines review for older people only?
    No, you can have a home medicines review at any age.
  • Do I need a referral?
    Yes, you’ll need a referral from your doctor, either your GP or certain hospital-based doctors.
  • How much does it cost?
    A home medicines review does not cost you anything if you have a current Medicare or DVA card. You may need to pay to see the GP for the referral unless they bulk bill.
  • I’m a carer, is it useful for me to be involved?
    Yes, it’s helpful for carers to be involved in the review and follow-up appointment. You’ll get advice and support to help you manage the medicines of the person you care for.
  • Why does the pharmacist visit me at home?
    A home visit can make it easier to show the pharmacist all your medicines and how you use them. It’s usually more relaxed and private, so you can talk comfortably with the pharmacist with less interruptions.
  • Who does the review?
    A specially trained pharmacist, called an accredited or consultant pharmacist, will do the review. This could be your usual pharmacist, or your doctor might suggest one. The choice is up to you. Even if you don’t know them, you can feel confident that they are trained experts in medicines.
  • Can I see the report the pharmacist writes?
    Yes, a copy of the report can be provided to you, and your carer, together with the plan the doctor completes.
  • Where can I find out more?
    If you think a medicines review would help you get the most from your medicines talk to your doctor about arranging a referral.

NPS MedicineWise has information about managing your medicines at:


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