The facts about statins

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Statin’ the facts. 5 facts about statins

1. They work

If you’re at high risk, statins can reduce your chance of a heart attack or stroke by 20%.

2. They’re safe

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Over 20 years of safety data suggests most side effects are mild and temporary.

3. Sore muscles

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Probably not the statin.

Many people get muscle aches, but those caused by statins are not as common as you may think.

4. Don’t affect memory

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[Thought bubble] Where did I put my glasses? 

There’s not enough evidence to show statins help or hinder memory or dementia.

5. Only work if you take ‘em

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Over 60% of people on statins stop in the first year, putting them at unnecessary risk of a heart attack or stroke. Don’t stop taking them unless you’ve spoken to your doctor.

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