Medicines and dementia: what you need to know

Medicines and Dementia

Medicines do not have to be part of your care plan for dementia, and if they are, they do not have to play a large role in your life.

NPS MedicineWise and Alzheimer’s Australia have prepared downloadable materials to help you ask questions and talk with people close to you and the health professionals involved in your care about how you would like to be supported.

The main resource is an information booklet, designed to help you:

  • plan a conversation about dementia with the people you choose, for example, your family and friends and health professionals involved in your care (eg, GPs, pharmacists, specialists, nurses)
  • find out about advanced care planning
  • find out what support is available to manage your symptoms
  • find information on what treatment options may be best for you
  • record details about symptoms, medicines, values and wishes when it comes to your care
  • find out about support services available to help you and those closest to you.

Download the booklet: Medicines and dementia: a resource for people with dementia and their carers

To order a printed copy of this booklet please contact the Alzheimer’s Australia office in your state or territory.

The fact sheets below include information and tips to help with decisions around your care, including medicines:

You can also find a list of resources and support services available for people with dementia, their families, friends and carers.

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