Data analytics

20 years of analysing, evaluating and reporting health information

Our experience with large health data

Our team of data intelligence and evaluation experts has experience in working with large and complex national and international health datasets to deliver analyses and reporting to answer important research questions.

MedicineInsight dataset

We analyse data from MedicineInsight to produce meaningful insights and actionable recommendations. We are adept at communicating these in compelling ways across different channels to ensure successful implementation in primary care.

Other health datasets

We work with Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), 45 and Up Study and other published and unpublished real-world datasets to answer different research questions and assess the impact of program and policy interventions on the quality use of medicines, utilisation trends and overall health and economic outcomes.

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Data intelligence techniques and methodologies

Our highly skilled Health Insights and Evaluation Team includes epidemiologists, biostatisticians, data analysts and program evaluators with comprehensive experience in conducting descriptive statistical analysis and using advanced methodologies including:

  • interrupted time series modelling and analysis
  • longitudinal data analysis
  • cross-sectional survey development
  • predictive modelling
  • linked data analysis
  • Bayesian hierarchical modelling.

Our team draws upon a wide range of techniques to identify, extract and analyse qualitative data to ensure robust and meaningful results. Other methods of analysis include:

  • content analysis
  • iterative analyses of insights
  • inductive thematic analysis
  • use of NVivo software for data management.

Our key strengths

  • Sophisticated financial impact analysis
  • Applying epidemiological design to assess program outcomes
  • Econometric and health economic analyses, including cost-benefit, cost-consequence and health outcomes reporting
  • Sophisticated pharmacoepidemiological analysis for drug utilisation, new drug uptake, drug switching, medicine adherence and persistence
  • Biostatistical analysis and modelling to quantify effectiveness of health programs and services on behavioural change
  • Governance, management and analysis of large and complicated health datasets
  • Survey development and analysis of survey data from both health professionals and consumers
  • Warehousing, cleaning and utilising data from clinical information systems

Analytics methodologies

Our Health Insights and Evaluation Team has the capability to inform evaluation of new and emerging analysis methods and techniques, including:

  • using MedicineInsight data to design, pilot and evaluate new analytical methods for primary healthcare research questions
  • working in partnership with universities and academic institutes to use MedicineInsight data to advance primary care research.

Evaluation capabilities

We also have expertise in the evaluation of program and policy interventions using analyses of MedicineInsight, PBS, MBS, 45 and Up Study and other large-scale health datasets and have published findings from these evaluations.

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