Health professional learning

Developing evidence-based learning products and activities across therapeutic areas

Keeping health professionals up-to-date

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Our team of e-learning specialists, medical advisers and medical writers work collaboratively to develop health professional learning products and activities designed to keep health professionals updated on the latest guidelines and evidence.

Clinical e-Audits

Enabling general practitioners, multi-disciplinary teams and other health professionals to:

  • review patient data against best-practice criteria and standards
  • reflect on clinical indicators and compare with peers
  • identify and implement areas for quality improvement.
  • New data retrieval features can now sync patient data from practice software.

Data-assisted clinical e-audits

Auto-populated data for general practitioners who participate in MedicineInsight:

  • includes data retrieval features to streamline the clinical audit process
  • automatically identifies a list of potentially eligible patients
  • syncs the relevant patient information from the general practice clinical information system
  • populates responses to clinical audit questions where relevant data is available.

Clinical case studies

Clinical scenarios and formative questions to support best-practice decisions and improved patient care:

  • engaging and user-friendly learning experience
  • provide immediate feedback from experts and peer comparisons
  • include best practice points to apply to your care of patients.

Online courses

Custom-built to provide health professionals with the latest evidence in specific therapeutic areas including:

  • changes to national healthcare programs and clinical pathways
  • updates on diagnostic, treatment and management guidelines 
  • case-based scenarios to enable reflection on individual patient care.


Subject experts including specialists, general practitioners and other health professionals participate in multi-disciplinary panel discussions covering:

  • evidence and guidelines for the specified clinical topic
  • challenges in diagnosis, treatment and management
  • management of at-risk and difficult-to-treat patients.

Educational visits

Our team of keep health professionals updated with the latest evidence and guidelines:

  • a field force of highly trained clinical professionals with expertise in multiple therapeutic areas
  • trusted and valued by general practitioners, pharmacists and other health professionals
  • service utilised by over 16,000 unique general practitioners each year.

Over 26,000 educational visits delivered to health professionals during the 2016–17 financial year.

  • 12,737 small group case-based meetings
  • 8,488 one-on-one educational visits
  • 2,838 therapeutic program updates
  • 1,953 MedicineInsight visits

Health professional learning activities are eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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