Choose an activity to suit areas of interest within your practice and your preferred format – online, face-to-face or group discussion.

Activities are accredited for RACGP QI&CPD points and in the ACRRM PD program.

Practices that participate in these activities are also eligible for the Practice Incentives Program Quality Prescribing Incentive (PIP QPI).

List of current activities for GPs

Educational visits

  • 2 (Category 2) RACGP QI&CPD points
  • 1 Core point in the ACRRM PD program

Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest evidence and guidelines about medicines and medical tests through our visiting program.

Our educational visits can be provided one-on-one as a 30-minute in-depth discussion, or as a one-hour facilitated small group meeting. We also offer virtual visits via video call for GPs who find it difficult to schedule an in-practice visit.

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Clinical e-Audits

  • 40 (Category 1) RACGP QI&CPD points
  • 30 PRPD points in the ACRRM PD program

An online quality improvement activity for GPs that helps you review how your prescribing practice compares with current best practice guidelines.

For PIP QPI payments, one of the three eligible activities completed in a PIP QPI year must be a clinical audit provided or recognised by NPS MedicineWise.

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Case studies

  • 2 (Category 2) RACGP QI&CPD points 
  • 1 Core point in the ACRRM PD program

Compare your management of a hypothetical clinical scenario with your peers. Receive instant feedback on your responses and view commentary from an expert.

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Online modules

Our online modules present content in an engaging, objective structure to inform quality decision making in the use of medicines and medical tests.

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List of current activities for GPs

Ankle and knee imaging



Blood pressure

Cervical screening


Chronic pain




Hepatitis C

Low back pain

Neuropathic pain




Reducing antibiotic resistance

Rheumatoid arthritis

Type 2 diabetes