Dr Brendan Beaton: Living with multiple medicines

Hear Dr Brendan Beaton speak about the challenges for patients who take multiple medicines.

Main occupation: Haematology registrar/fellow
Years in clinical practice: 10
Qualifications: MBBS

Dr Brendan Beaton works in a major teaching hospital and treats people who have blood disorders such as leukaemia, lymphoma, thalassaemia and sickle cell anaemia. He describes the management of multiple medicines when a person is admitted to hospital, including what people should bring to hospital and some of the things they can expect, including stopping and starting medicines and what to do once they are home. He explains what interactions and side effects are and how immunosuppressing medicines might impact on the management of existing conditions. He emphasises how important it is that patients talk to their doctor about the problems they have with their medicines, as there are things doctors can do to make it easier for people to take their medicines.


Listen to Dr Brendan Beaton

Dr Beaton says it is important for people to tell their doctor about the complementary medicines they take, because they can interact with other medicines.
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Dr Beaton reiterates some of the issues discussed about travelling with medicines. He describes what doctors can do to help.
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Dr Beaton explains that it is helpful if patients have a medicines list or if they bring all their medicines and a family member or carer with them.
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Dr  Beaton encourages people who are taking a number of medicines, or who are having problems with medicines, to talk to their doctor, as there are things they can do to help.
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Dr Beaton works with people who are very sick with leukaemia, lymphoma and other malignant diseases. He describes the side effects and other problems that the medicines to treat these conditions can cause for his patients.
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