Niall: Forgetting and remembering to take medicines – Interruptions to usual routines

Listen to patients and health professionals speak about their experience with taking multiple medicines.

Age at interview: 45
Number of medicines: 7
Cultural background: British (Caucasian)

Niall rarely forgets to take his medicines. However, the birth of his daughter and the first few months of her life did have an impact on his medication routine.

One of the bigger disruptions is probably around when my daughter was born and in the first few months of her life, when everything just gets thrown up in the air anyway. Wasn't very long, but I was still awake at 6 [o'clock] the next morning, so it was just ... when did I actually get breakfast that day? So that day was mucked up and there are days in the early part of her life when, yes, because the events of a night and other things you've got to do with breakfast become a bit of a moveable non-feast, but it's a matter of, OK, I know I have to have these at some point.

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