Add clarity to your clinical data

In a daily reality that involves an overload of information, the demands of administration and accreditation and the pressures of consulting, MedicineInsight can help. MedicineInsight adds clarity to your clinical data – making it easier for you to interpret and act upon. At the click of a mouse, MedicineInsight shows you the gaps in your clinical data, where you could improve, which patients you need to prioritise and what you need to reflect on.

Free educational visits with CPD points

In-practice educational visits on a therapeutic area provide an opportunity to discuss, interpret and reflect on your clinical data alongside the latest evidence and guidelines. A 30-minute discussion with an NPS MedicineWise clinical services specialist is all that is required to stay informed, or you may prefer a one-hour small group case-based meeting with up to 10 health professionals. Visits help you identify the strengths and gaps in your practice and clinical data, to allow you to plan for improvement

Each educational visit is accredited for 2 Category 2 RACGP QI CPD points, 1 core point in the ACRRM PD Program. Choose and book your visit on the Book a visit page.

“As a full time GP, it is hard to find time to reflect on my own practice let alone gather data. NPS MedicineWise provides a valuable resource in gathering data and benchmarking it against others and guidelines.”

Identify patients for review

MedicineInsight allows you to easily and quickly identify patients for recall who may be undertreated, in need of review or potentially at risk. 

Compare your data

MedicineInsight presents your clinical data clearly and succinctly based on therapeutic parameters that you set, in the context of your own practice and the needs of your patients. Visualisation tools, such as the MedicineInsight Portal, allow you to reflect on your own patterns of prescribing and patient care and compare these securely online at local, regional and national levels. Data can be customised by a range of variables including patient demographics, diagnoses, prescribing patterns, pathology results and risk-factor levels.

How to take part in MedicineInsight

Firstly, check with your practice manager or principal GP to find out if your practice is already participating in MedicineInsight.

If your practice is participating in MedicineInsight, contact your NPS MedicineWise Clinical Services Specialist (CSS) to ensure you’re getting the full benefit of your educational visits and data tools:
(02) 8217 8700

If your practice has not yet joined, contact us for more information: