MedicineInsight: a quality improvement program

Video transcript

GPs and general practices face excessive demands on time and an overload of complex information.

Now MedicineInsight can support your clinical practice, your business practice, the quality of care you provide and with minimal effort from you.

Developed by NPS MedicineWise with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health, MedicineInsight is a free quality improvement program that's making a real difference for thousands of participating GPs and millions of Australians.

It allows you to identify patients who may be at risk, undertreated and who may need to be reviewed.

It can highlight gaps in your clinical data to help you achieve accreditation standards.

You can see how your practice data compares with other practices nationally and get valuable insights on patient populations.

In-practice visits with an educational visitor allow you to discuss and interpret your data in conjunction with the latest evidence.

For more information about how MedicineInsight can help your practice, contact [email protected]