This new, regular podcast from NPS MedicineWise helps health professionals stay up to date with the latest evidence for medicines, tests and treatments, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hosted by a rotating group of interviewers including our CEO and pharmacist, Adj A/Prof Steve Morris, and GP and NPS MedicineWise medical adviser Dr. Anna Samecki, we’ll wade through the reams of information – and sometimes misinformation – to provide answers from trusted sources for all of your quality use of medicines questions.

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Episode 3 - Quality use of testing during COVID-19

The advice from Australian health authorities around testing has been evolving as the COVID-19 situation evolves. And as with everything to do with COVID-19, even the available tests are new, with the data growing all the time.

In this episode, NPS MedicineWise medical adviser and GP Dr Anna Samecki interviews fellow medical adviser and GP Dr Jill Thistlethwaite about how clinicians can practice quality use of testing during this pandemic.

Episode 2 – Remdesivir, antivirals and COVID-19

Currently there are no approved medicines to treat COVID-19. However, there are several trials underway assessing the role of antiviral medicines, including remdesivir, in the treatment of COVID-19.

In this episode, NPS MedicineWise medical adviser and GP Dr Anna Samecki talks with CEO Adj A/Prof Steve Morris about the latest evidence for remdesivir and what this might mean for treating COVID-19.

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Episode 1 – Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19

In this episode, we look at emerging evidence for the use of hydroxychloroquine during COVID-19, and whether it is actually a ‘miracle drug’ that will save lives during this pandemic.