A new look — the same evidence-based content

Starting with this issue, RADAR has a new format that is designed to make it quick and easy to find the information you want. Our aim
to “answer the big questions”, as one reader put it.

We know that those questions are not the same for all RADAR readers — who include GPs, pharmacists, specialists and nurses in a variety of clinical settings. But we also know that a lack of time is the norm for all our readers. So we’ve redesigned RADAR with your information needs in mind.

“I like the key points, then more details”

The Key points summary tells you the “must know” issues up front. For those who want to know more, we provide the detail further on.

"How strong is the evidence?”

A new Evidence snapshot gives you the strengths and weaknesses of the data, and what this means in practice.

“I need to know the PBS listing”

Understanding PBS eligibility is important to prescribers, so we’ve made it easy to find.

“How does it compare with other drugs?
How do you use it”?

New section headings help you find the information you need to make clinical decisions and to use new drugs safely and effectively.

“What do I need to tell my patients?”

Information for patients is a useful checklist of what your patients need to know.

Our new format is based on feedback and testing with readers, so we’re keen to hear what you think of the result.

You can contact us at [email protected]