On 1 August 2006, thiamine tablets and several topical antifungal preparations were listed on the PBS as authority-required benefits for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.

The PBAC recommended the listings under the 2004–05 Budget measure "Improving the capacity of the PBS to meet the needs of Indigenous Australians".

Thiamine hydrochloride (Betamin) tablets are listed for the prophylaxis of thiamine deficiency. The following antifungal preparations are listed for the treatment of fungal or yeast infection:

  • bifonazole 1% cream (Mycospor)
  • clotrimazole 1% lotion (Canesten)
  • ketoconazole 2% cream and 1% and 2% shampoo (Nizoral)
  • miconazole nitrate 2% cream, 2% powder, 2% lotion and 2% tincture (Daktarin)
  • nystatin 100 000 units/g cream (Mycostatin).

Medical practitioners should ensure that patients in their practice have the opportunity to identify themselves as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. For guidance on asking about identification and prescribing medicines under this PBS listing, refer to the Department of Health website at www.health.gov.au or email [email protected].