A multi-synthesis design approach to solving complex health problems

Why do health problems exist?

Our design team understands what drives both healthcare participants and the healthcare system. We scan the health industry environment and analyse the best available health evidence and research to identify the underlying factors driving the most complex health problems in Australia.

Health problems can result from gaps in:

  • health policy and funding
  • access to healthcare and medicines
  • chronic disease diagnosis and management
  • medicine prescribing and deprescribing
  • quality use of medicines
  • health literacy
  • patient engagement and support 
  • lifestyle recommendation adherence
  • medicines adherence.
Factors driving health problems can be:
  • social
  • psychological
  • educational
  • economic
  • demographic.

How do we solve health problems?

Through analyses of research and close listening to health professional, consumer and other key stakeholder groups, we determine the factors of focus that will make the most significant health and economic impact. These insights ultimately inform the development of our design strategy, communication plan, qualitative and quantitative targets and recommendations for bespoke interventions, including but not limited to:

  • public health campaigns
  • patient support programs
  • clinical improvement programs
  • health professional learning products
  • in-field educational visiting.

Who guides our design approach?

Collaboration is key to ensuring NPS MedicineWise programs, products and services are designed to the highest quality. We consult with community organisations and government, health professional, consumer and other key stakeholder groups to:

  • deeply understand the perspectives of participants in the system
  • validate our health insights
  • shape our design strategy
  • test our communication plan
  • guide our interventions
  • confirm our performance measures.

We also take advice from our standing advisory groups who bring expertise from a range of disciplines, specialties and backgrounds to provide valuable insights into program direction, objectives and key messages.

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