Working with key stakeholders and large datasets to demonstrate health and economic outcomes

Our evaluation expertise

We have many years of experience in providing a range of health data analytics services to evaluate the impact of national health programs, products, projects, interventions and policies on behaviour, prescribing, risk management and health and economic outcomes in Australia.

Our in-house experts include:

  • senior clinicians
  • pharmacists
  • epidemiologists
  • biostatisticians
  • evaluators
  • research experts
  • market researchers
  • e-Health experts

We apply best practice qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques

Process evaluation

  • evaluation frameworks and plans
  • design and methodologies
  • inputs and outputs
  • implementation and delivery
  • participation

Impact evaluation

  • awareness
  • knowledge
  • attitudes and beliefs
  • behavior

Outcome evaluation

Long-term goal assessment:

  • behaviour
    • prescribing
    • longitudinal studies
    • pharmacovigilance studies
    • health outcomes
    • economic outcomes
  • baseline comparison

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