Structuring the deployment of programs, products and services to maximise health impact

A range of options for program implementation

Our cross-functional team of design, clinical and communication specialists can provide guidance and recommendations on the scale of program implementation based on specific health objectives and budgetary requirements. We consult with our clients and stakeholders to determine the products, services and channels that will maximise program engagement and overall health impact.


Interactive case studies

Posing clinical scenarios and formative questions to support best-practice decisions and improve patient care, with:

  • engaging and user-friendly learning experience
  • immediate feedback from experts and peer comparisons
  • best practice points to apply to care of patients.


Online learning modules

Custom-built to provide health professionals with the latest evidence in specific therapeutic areas, including:

  • changes to national healthcare programs and clinical pathways
  • updates on diagnostic, treatment and management guidelines
  • case-based scenarios to enable reflection on individual patient care.  



Subject experts including specialists, general practitioners and other health professionals participate in multi-disciplinary panel discussions covering:

  • evidence and guidelines for the specified clinical topic
  • challenges in diagnosis, treatment and management
  • management of at-risk and difficult-to-treat patients.


In-practice educational visits

Delivered by a field force of highly trained clinical professionals who meet with over 16,000 unique general practitioners each year, visits can be:

  • 30-minute one-on-one in-depth discussions
  • 1-hour facilitated small group meetings
  • virtual educational visits via video conferencing software.


Patient education and support

Supporting patients with evidence-based educational tools and resources:

  • patient action plans
  • fact sheets
  • leaflets
  • web content


Public health campaigns

Multi-channel communication strategies directed to health professionals and consumers with the aim of addressing the knowledge, beliefs and behaviours that will improve health decisions, via:

  • mass, social and trade media
  • website
  • print media

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