Podcast: Low back pain – providing reassurance, encouraging activity and reducing reliance on imaging

Low back pain is a complex and challenging condition. It affects people of all ages and is the leading cause of disability in the world. Unfortunately, many of the common treatments we use to manage low back pain may not be as effective as we would like and have the potential to cause harm.


Opioid communication videos​

This series of  four educational videos aims to support effective conversations between health professionals and patients about the use of opioids for the management of chronic non-cancer pain. The videos focus on motivational interviewing techniques, providing examples of interactions between patients and health professionals, and demonstrating how best practice recommendations can be applied to individual patient circumstances.

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Asking painful questions

Living with pain can be challenging. Finding the best possible management can also be challenging – because everyone experiences pain in a unique way. Hear more about the experiences of people living with pain and of healthcare professionals involved in pain management in the video series, Asking painful questions.

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Low back pain

Providing reassurance, encouraging activity and reducing reliance on imaging.

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Opioids: New and amended PBS listings

Changes made to support the appropriate prescribing and use of opioids, and reduce harms.

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