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Basic education just as good as intensive education for low back pain

Education should be provided for all patients with acute non-specific low back pain. A recent Australian study investigated ‘How much education?’ The evidence shows that more is not better.

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Gaming for chronic low back pain management​

People with chronic non-specific low back pain are encouraged to exercise. But can gaming-based exercise (‘exergaming’) be considered exercise for chronic low back pain?

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Paracetamol/ibuprofen combinations for acute pain

Paracetamol/ibuprofen combinations may be an alternative to codeine-based analgesics for short-term management of pain.

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Safe and appropriate use of paracetamol: closing the consumer knowledge gap

Paracetamol is commonly used, but misuse and overdoses do occur. Patient education on the safe use of paracetamol is crucial in preventing accidental overdose.

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Is paracetamol effective for low back pain?​

​An Australian study has found that paracetamol is not effective for acute low back pain. What does the trial tell us, and what is the best way to manage acute low back pain?​

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After over-the-counter codeine: opportunities for better care

With low-dose codeine becoming prescription-only from 1 February 2018, health professionals and communities are preparing for the change.

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Opioids, chronic pain and the bigger picture

Opioid medicines in chronic non-cancer pain – balancing opioid-related harm with effective pain management and quality of life.

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Neuropathic pain

Accurate diagnosis is key to optimal management of this challenging condition.

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Low back pain

Providing reassurance, encouraging activity and reducing reliance on imaging.

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Opioids: New and amended PBS listings

Changes made to support the appropriate prescribing and use of opioids, and reduce harms.

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Medicinal cannabis: what you need to know

Information and resources about medicinal cannabis for consumers and health professionals.

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Choosing Wisely Australia

Choosing Wisely recommendations for opioids across different healthcare settings.